Welcome to NIMAD! I am very excited to offer a part- or full-time business opportunity in which you can generate income by sourcing and facilitating the registration and subscription of medical providers on the NIMAD.org platform (NIMAD). NIMAD is a free online database for medical professionals such as doctors, dentists and other medical providers or practitioners of numerous specialties in the State of California.

We are looking for medical professionals who are willing to provide a discount for their services to patients that do not have insurance or otherwise have a high deductible. Our goal is to help patients by offering them the opportunity to secure the services of such medical professionals. Most doctors have to wait 4 to 16 weeks for their fees payable by insurance companies, and must pay a medical billing company or person to follow-up on all of their outstanding receivables. Under the NIMAD model, patients would pay for the medical services up front, and the NIMAD- registered medical professionals would receive their payment promptly upon completing their services for the patient.

We are an Angie's list for the medical industry. Many medical providers are willing to offer substantial discounts, for example, dentists are performing crowns for as little as $375 (normally $1000), and MRI's are being priced at as little as $400 (normally $1500+).

Our business model is simple. We secure optimal discounts from medical service providers and professionals in exchange for prompt and direct payment facilitated by NIMAD. NIMAD adds a 10% Marketing, Billing and Scheduling fee on top of the medical service fee. For example, if a doctor or medical service provider charges $500 for a service, NIMAD adds 10% on top of that fee. The patient will pay a total of $550 dollars, and generally for a service that would normally cost $800-$1000. Upon completion of the medical service, NIMAD directly pays $500 to the doctor and the $50 NIMAD fee gets apportioned between you and NIMAD.

By way of example, upon the completion of one year consisting of your part-time work, assuming you are able to secure two doctors per week for the NIMAD platform, you would presumptively have 100 doctors signed to your network. Assuming those 100 doctors, would average $1,000 of billing fees per week, generated from providing medical services to patients scheduled and facilitated on the NIMAD platform. The result would be $100,000 dollars per week, of which the total NIMAD commission on a weekly basis would amount to $10,000. You would receive 40% of this total commission, amount to a net $4000 per week for your work.

NIMAD Sales Affiliates such as you would also be able to receive 10% of the business generated by any other Sales Affiliates who you sponsor and teach on the NIMAD platform. If we use the foregoing example and corresponding financial numbers for your Sales Affiliate who you sponsor, assuming 100 doctors signed to such Sale Affiliate’s network, NIMAD would pay you 10% of the gross revenue amount generated from those Sales Affiliates, equating to an additional $4,000 per month from the revenues generated by such Sales Affiliate.

DISCLAIMER: NIMAD expressly disclaims any guarantee of any result, including but not limited to, any generation of income. The numbers and examples presented are solely projections based on forward-looking assumptions. NIMAD and its officers, employees, agents and representatives hereby make no representation or warranty as to any statement made herein.

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